Sunday, April 7, 2013

Musical Mhairs

Musical Mhairs... what's that you say?  Imagine musical chairs with mares as chairs...
these 4 new babies this spring came within a couple of weeks of eachother, their dams  all related; sisters,  mothers, daughters, all bay and all babies alike. 
When I cracked open the barn door the other evening at feeding time, I peered out at a new young mother and watched her baby suckle.  Who? that is not your mama!  I peered around the corner of the barn door and saw a baby following the wrong mare!
A few days before I was watching a mare run with a baby stuck to her side, striding leg for leg along her side. Wrong mama!  This last one showed me how the instinct to stay next to a large body saves their life in a running herd, not knowing why, what, or who, they run and know to stay someone bigger but just like them!
Seems like they have all sorted themselves out better lately!
 So we are on our herdy way!

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