Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wildlife and Horses

One day I stayed for hours out in the pasture with the herd. I had just moved all 6 mares with their 4 month old foals out to the ridge land where they joined up with the older ‘saddle horses’.  Our land in Kentucky was nourished all summer by frequents rains and the grass (and weeds!) were rich and lush.

There was jostling and posturing and baby foal clacking. I was mesmerized by all the activity and stood quietly watching.  Something caught my eye and here are 2 coyotes traveling a well worn path not 20 feet from me.   They saw me turn and fled so fast they seemed an illusion.   Later, gazing up toward the barn I spied a red fox trotting across the top of the pond.  All this activity, I thought, this herd is in the middle of the wildlife.   Finally I tore myself away and as I came out from behind some bushes, I spooked a white tail doe, who bounded off into the woods.  What else is out here that lives with my herd, I wondered?

Later in my house as I write this I looked out the window and saw 3 deer in with the stallion.  They seems to be getting closer…who will be the first to venture into the backyard?…probably the fox!

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