Friday, February 8, 2013

Tribute to Ruffles 1981-2013

TAMU Ruffles Copy "Ruffles" Tribute Apr 6 1981 - Feb 8, 2013

Here she is as a 2 yr old when I bought her while at Texas A &M. This mare changed my life. Because of  her sensitivities and my desire to get along with her she pushed me to seek out what is now called 'Natural Horsemanship ' but 30 years ago it was not labeled as such.

My friend while pregnant with her first child drove across country with Ruffles and I. It is the only child whose age I have been able to keep up with as the years travel along and our friendship lasts through our lives.

My path with horses may have led me to the same place because I believe we are given more than one opportunity but I will tribute Ruffles this distinction for my life was led toward rewards from horses that I had only so far dreamed about.  She had a long life and she will be missed. She left gently to go stay with heavenly horses.

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