Monday, May 30, 2011

All for the newborn

Here he is! No name yet, but a fine colt born on April 22. He came out ready! It was a quick and (looked to be) easy birth for Silver Bell and when he felt his front legs free he struck and scrambled and struck some more with those front legs. Of course at this point he was entwined with his dams legs, who was trying to get some peace at last, and I trying to calm myself that this is nature and this is all part of it while my imagination is picturing thrashing and tangled and broken limbs. I swear the stress gets to me! When the mare finally did arise, she did so gracefully and carefully and her newborn was off on his search for milk. Whenever he approached her head she would let out a shrill squeal and he would change course and keep hunting. It did not take him long to find the spot and latch on. She has been a great dam and he is bold and confident.

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