Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dreams for Real

Now begins the story of a girl and her horse. This 2 year old gelding is one of the best I have bred and I see great potential in him. I have held onto him and not marketed him because I wanted to direct his life, then last week I received a "breathless" email from Brandi, a young mother in NC. She asked if I might consider a trade with her for her 6 yr old gelding and that "Dual Dee is the horse I have been looking for for years". So I said I would consider it and then her floodgates opened. She showed me with her streams of words that painted pictures for me of her heart and dreams and the "little chili pepper red lena" horse that figured so prominently and now he was at her fingertips. We made the deal. That's how dreams are realized. She tells me she's a show off so look for her and Andy as they take their road together.

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  1. Its been a little over a month since I hauled home my prize Andy aka Smarty "Pepolena Playboy" formerly "Dual Dee"
    Every mornin I walk out onto the deck and there hes stands lookin all tuff n buff. I jus stand there grinnin like a possum chewin on a saw briar. Then I get to tha barn and he runs to me like im his prize ! Its awesome, we are thick as thieves, Hes all I dreamed of and so much more, hes got looks, style, skill, god given talent, drive, focus energy and desire to be top notch in the cuttin pen, and then on a dime he can turn it off, slow down and whoa up and be so kind and gentle with my little boy. He means a lot to me, I love him dearly ! *Brandi McCall* NC