Sunday, January 10, 2010

...and puppies, too

These little guys are a day old and belong to my neighbor's dog. I fretted so much about whelping with a 6 degree temperature reading I moved everyone inside my barn room to the shower stall. My neighbor has 6-10 dogs and never neuters anyone!
There is no energy to think when the weather is this cold! All I can do is work on taking care of extra equine needs due to the freezing temperatures!
I can't imagine ranching in the upper midwest and readily understand those who move to Arizona or Florida! Everyone HANG ON! (that's me talking to myself!)

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  1. We have been blessed with one of these wonderful little ones at our home, we named her Sweet Pea. I hope her sister and Momma are adjusting to life without her. Sweet Pea just loves Oscar, our little terrier, and he loves her just as much. They are so funny to watch playing together. She is a delight, thank you Fairfax for letting us become her family.