Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I live in the barn. Literally. I have a small room with a bath inside the barn, right next to a double stall, which, of course, has a window in it so I can look at whichever horse is in there. And, just in case that is not enough viewing, I have installed video monitors in all the stalls so I can watch at a moment's notice.

This set up is, in fact, for my mares when they foal. I can view them surreptitiously without disturbing them (who wants to be peered at when in labor?).

More on that later, but right now, I 'll give you a taste of the daily quench...

This morning it was still dark out when I carried my (HUGE) bucket of feed out to the back pasture and called up the horses. There are 14 in this pasture, ranging from 5 months to 28 years. In the gray light the herd appeared on the horizon, my ears were filled with the thunder of their hooves as they galloped toward me. There were a few stragglers stretching toward the rear of the herd, and the sound of their hooves became louder and distinct as they bore down on me.

I felt a catch in my throat as I stood immobile and let this moment envelope me. What a life!

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  1. Joe and Chelle and I wanted to say hello! Thanks for sharing your day with all of us! We can picture it all. Your farm is beautiful and we can surely identify with the thundering hooves bearing down on a person while he or she is in a pasture-magical but really intimidating at the same time!